Model Courses

A Standard Course for Sightseeing in the City of Nikko

How about visiting the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko in kimono, and having relaxed time in Kinugawa Onsen, one of the best hot spring resort in Japan? This course is also suitable for those who travel Nikko for the first time.
The city of Nikko not only has long history and own culture, but also offers a variety of delicious dishes. From popular Japanese food like soba and yuba, and Japanese cow and Western-style cuisine, to sweets like shaved ice with flavored syrup and yokan (sweet bean jelly),, enjoy the full range of Nikko cuisine.
In this course, you can feel great nature of Oku-Nikko representing the Nikko National Park and can enjoy the hot spring on the lakeside. Enjoy magnificent scenery of the Chuzenji Lake and Kegon Falls as much as you can.
There are many spiritual spots in Nikko where Shodo Shonin (Saint Shodo), stepped in for the first time in the 9th Century and where the Nikko Toshogu Shrine was built on the basis of Onmyodo (yin-yang philosophy), in the 17th Century. While traveling the World Heritages, enjoy praying for good luck and marriage tie.
There are many unique theme parks in the Kinugawa Onsen Resort. Enjoy as much as you can with your friends and families in the Tobu World Square to let you visit world famous structures and monuments, and a huge maze, as well as the Kinugawa River Boat Tour, famous recreation in Kinugawa.
Enjoy Water Activities, Onsens and Pottery as Much as You can and Make Great Memories at the Popular Area, the Kinugawa-Kawaji Onsen Resort.
In the City of Nikko, you can feel the history and culture handed down from the Edo period. Experience Japanese traditional culture by tasting hand-made soba, travelling the World Heritages in kimono and participating in ninja trainings.
Nikko has 8 hot spring resorts, each of which has its own hot spring quality. In this course, you can experience the sheer indulgence in soaking into hot springs at Oku-Kinu Onsen-kyou (Oku-Kinu Onsen Village), located in a secluded area, as well as the Kinugawa Onsen Resort that gains general popularity.

A Recommended Course in Spring

In spring, the towns in front of the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko are decorated with the old cherry trees of historical interests. In this course, tourists can enjoy walking under the cherry blossom, while relishing the cuisine cooked only in this period. The best period to view cherry blossom is the middle to the beginning of April.
The Kinugawa Onsen Resort has many sports that are decorated with the pale pink colors of cherry blossom in spring, such as the 300-long Sakura-Namiki Street (street lined with cherry trees),. In this course, tourists can travel the spot where cherry trees are illuminated, as well as the viewing spots in Oku-Nikko. The best period to view cherry blossom is the middle of April.

A Recommended Course in Summer

Kakigori (shaved ice with flavored syrup), is a popular sweet in the summer of Japan. Taste the special kakigori made of fine natural water, a gift from the mountains in Nikko, as well as traditional summer festivals and beer gardens.
Summer in the Kinugawa-Kawaji Onsen Resort is filled with fresh green leaves. The valleys colored in brilliant fresh green offer a lot of negative ions. Touch water or throw water with each other, and enjoy refreshing coolness as much as you can forget heat of the summer day.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, the area by the Chuzenji Lake gained popularity as an international summer resort. In this area surrounded by rich nature, you can walk around the lakeside where atmosphere of the old days still exists, and enjoy cruising.

A Recommended Course in Autumn

Autumn when the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko are decorated with colorful autumn leaves, is also the best season to relish soba. Relish the flavorful new-crop soba, and enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves in nighttime.
When the Kinugawa Ravine is decorated with red and yellow autumn leaves, enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the river boat and by walking. In addition, Nikko Edomura opens in nighttime only in this season. So, you should not miss the Wonder Night Show.
In this course, you can view the magnificent nature in an secluded area, such as more than 100m-high ravines decorated with colorful autumn leaves, and breathtaking scenery of geysers. In addition, you can enjoy the ride on an amphibious vehicle that runs across the dam lake, as well as healing effect of hot springs.

A Recommended Course in Winter

Stay at the City of the Nikko in the Year-end and New Year holidays and experience Japanese traditional culture. During this period, you can have a variety of fun, such as hatsumode (new year’s visit to shrines and temples to pray for safety and peace),, a festival to illuminate snow huts in secluded area, strawberry picking to allow you to eat strawberries as much as you like, snow playing and healing effect of hot springs.
In this course, you can enjoy the fantastic snow festival registered as one of the Night View Inheritance of Japan, as well as the World Heritages and illumination at the Tobu World Square. In addition, you can visit a variety of sightseeing spots, such as sake breweries, the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko, and famous falls.
The Kinugawa Onsen Resort celebrates the Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year), on a large scale every years. The resort not only holds various events, but also offers gifts only for the tourists from other countries. Because the resort houses hot springs facilities and theme parks, you can have fun all day long.
It takes only three hours to go to the ski slopes where you can play with powder snow. You can enjoy various snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding and sledging in an easy manner. After the snow activities, heal your fatigue with hot springs. You can also have fun at theme parks.

A Recommended Hiking Course

In the Ryuokyo valley, odd shaped rocks and cliffs line up over about 3km. Because a waking path is currently placed in the area, even beginners can enjoy hiking in the breathtaking scenery in an easy manner. Let’s view the fresh green leaves in spring, as well as colorful leaves decorating the ravine and the emerald-color stream of the Kinugawa River in autumn.
A course for beginners to walk over a flat hiking course, while enjoying rich nature and magnificent scenery of Senjogahara and lakeside of the Chuzenji Lake, two main sightseeing spots of the Nikko National Park. After walking all day long, heal your fatigue with hot springs.
A course for hardy hikers to climb the Mt. Nantaisan, a 2,486-high sacred mountain representing the mountains in Nikko, from the Chuzenji Lake side. On your way to the mountain top, visit the World-Heritage shrines and temples in Nikko deifying Mt. Futarasan (Mt. Nantaisan),, and enjoy the nature and history of Nikko to the full.
A course to walk in the rare and undeveloped nature where driving cars is forbidden, and to visit the Kinunuma Swamp that spreads over the highland marsh located at a height of 2,040m, the highest altitude of Japan as a marsh. The best period to view alpine plant is June and July.
In this tour for beginners, participants walk along the Daiya River that runs through the World-Heritage area, while feeling the wind and sound coming from the mountain stream. You can easily enjoy walking in the nature in the area that is close to the Nikko Station and World-Heritage shrines and temples. In the Kanmangafuchi Abyss, about 70 Jizo Bosatsu statues called “Bake Jizos (disguising jizos)” stand side by side. The mossy statues standing under the green trees have a mysterious aura.