What You Should not Miss in Imaichi

Experiences that Imaichi Offers

Experience Soba Making


Nikko’s handmade soba using Nikko-produced highly-praised soba buckwheat flour enjoys popularity in Japan, thanks to its aroma and taste. In this one hour seminar, you can learn how to make soba, and taste the soba you made along with tempura of vegetables in season.

Tour to Sake Brewery


Japanese sake is brewed by the Japanese unique method to use rice, malted rice and water as the basic ingredients. In the Imaichi district, sake is brewed in various places, because the district is benefited from high-quality groundwater that have been traditionally supplied from the Nikko mountains. During this period when sake is newly brewed, why not visit sake breweries to see brewing of sake and try the newly-brewed sake?

*Please take note that English guidance is not available in the breweries.

Sightseeing Spots in Imaichi

Nikko Kaido Suginamikimichi (Nikko Road Cedar Path),


After contribution to the Nikko Toshogu Shrine as an approach to the shrine in the Edo period, about 50,000 cedar trees were planted over about 20 years. Currently, about 12,500 trees remain, and the path extending over 35.41km is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest tree-lined road in the world.

Events in Imaichi

Imaichi Yatai Matsuri (Float Festival),


Traditional 6 floats decorated with sculptures and 4 floats with flowers parade in the town. It is breathtaking to see two floats approach with each other as close as possible and compete their rhythm and sound of the festival music.

Nikko Soba Festival


You can relish soba (buckwheat noodles) produced not only in Nikko, a famous area that produces buckwheat, but also in other areas. Visitors can also enjoy street stands to sell tools for soba dish and Nikko’s local products, as well as performance of traditional local entertainments.



Market for lucky charms for traditional New-Year’s decorations such as daruma dolls and bamboo rakes is opened on Route 119 between the Ogura-cho intersection and Kasuga-cho intersection in the Imaichi district.

Local Cuisines and Souvenirs of Imaichi

Local Sake of Nikko


Local sake of Nikko is brewed at traditional breweries that are located at the feet of the Nikko Mountains. Produced by using local rice, high-quality water and yeasts, “Nikko Homare” is one of the most popular ginjoshu with no added alcohol.

Tamarizuke / Robatazuke

Kinugawa - Kawaji Onsen

Japanese pickles made by marinating fresh local vegetables in “tamari,” liquid produced in the process of maturing miso (soybean paste),, or “tamari shoyu,” thick soy sauce produced by using more soybeans than regular shoyu.

Accommodation in Imaichi



Imaichi is an area that offers good transport access from Tokyo. In this area, there are quiet, purely Japanese-style ryokans, as well as accommodation facilities that have abundant sports facilities to be used for training camps for students.

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