What You Should not Miss in Ashio

Sightseeing Spots in Ashio

Ashio Copper Mine Sightseeing


In the facilities, you can learn the history of Ashio Copper Mine (dozan), that was once called as the No.1 copper mine capital of Japan. Get on the trolley train and explore the 700m tunnel.

Matsukikeikoku Canyon


Matsukikeikoku is called as Grand Canyon of Japan for the reason of its rugged rock surfaces on the mountain and high-rising steep cliffs.

Mt. Bizendatesan


A mountain that is 1,272m high. In spring, a community of yashiotsutsuji (Rhododendron albrechtii), come into full boom. This mountain gains popularity among hikers.

Events in Ashio

Ashio Matsuri (Ashio Festival),


A traditional event derived from Sanjinsai, a festival dedicated to Yamajinja (mountain shrine), that protects the copper mine. Floats and portable shrines parade in the town in a cheerful way, while children wearing of clownish masks of hyottoko (male clown), or okame (female clown), dance to the festival music.

Ashiomachi Noryosai (Summer Night Festival)


In this Bon Festival dance, participants dance to the original song that express the labor in the Ashio mine. In addition, fancy-dress competition entertains not only audience, but also participants themselves.

Illumination of Watarase Railway Stations


Each station is decorated and illuminated in a different way to allow travelers to enjoy fantastic journey across the local railway line.

Experiences that Ashio Offers

Watarase Railway Trolley Train


A local rail way line that runs through the beautiful valley between Tochigi and Gunma. Trolley trains that passengers can enjoy beautiful scenery are operated on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays (reservation required),.

Local Cuisines and Souvenirs of Ashio

Ashioyaki (Ashio Ware),


A ceramic art that uses slimes taken out of the closed Ashio Copper Mine. Each ware has different taste and texture depending on the pottery, and simplicity and warmth of the products has gained general popularity.

Accommodation in Ashio



This area is suitable for those who wish to visit the Ashio Copper Mine or who wish to see the place that has not become a tourist spot. At the foot of Mt. Koshinzan, there is a public accommodation facility where guests can enjoy an open-air bath of the natural Onsen.

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